Psalms 46-50

Psalms 46-50…God is our Fortress

These Psalms contain striking references to enemies and their destruction. Many psalmists often faced physical death, so it’s not surprising to find bold prayers for protection in the Psalms. We may not face such harrowing physical experiences, but our lives are filled with nonphysical enemies that plague us, such as depression, anger, lust, fear, and bitterness.

The stark portrayal of enemies and the confidence in the Lord’s deliverance make the Psalms a prayer book for those who seek protection, whether from physical dangers, emotional threats, or spiritual enemies.

The most effective prayers for protection need not be long. Often in the midst of extremely difficult circumstances a few words or phrases is all we can truly pray. In such times, the Lord’s promise “I will be with you always” (Matt. 28:20) is a profound assurance.