Deuteronomy 20-22

Deuteronomy 20-22…Laws concerning warfare, murders, inheritance rights, and immorality.

When we read the Mosaic law, we often find some of its regulations quite baffling. Take Deuteronomy 22:28–29, for example. This passage orders an arranged marriage following abuse, hardly a custom we find in today’s society.

However, this teaching is not a cruel injunction designed to have the wife bitterly remember the harm to her body and soul. In fact, this law protects the woman. During the period in which Moses lived and wrote about, women were extremely vulnerable members of their society. A woman like this was considered untouchable in most places, but the Mosaic law protects the victim by prescribing marriage to her attacker. In this way, the Lord guarded the woman from any further economic or social harm. It’s important to note that the bible absolutely, positively is opposed to any abuse like this, and recognizes the act as sinful. This part of the law does not excuse the behavior in any way whatsoever.

In our day, older men in the church need to teach the younger men to respect all women, and treat them as sisters. This is counter cultural, and will take very intentional steps in discipling. Our culture does everything it can to reduce women to objects, and all men, young and old, are being conditioned to think and act this way. Young men who are of the faith need to train themselves now to not look at women this way. The way they are treated by all men, especially at a young age, will have a big impact on them.