Judges 10-12

Judges 10-12…Vows

Not every vow that we make is necessarily a lawful vow. That is why we must consider our circumstances very carefully before we make one. If we do not, we run the risk of making a rash and unlawful vow that compounds our sin. During the time of the Judges, Jephthah rashly made a vow to sacrifice whatever came out of His house if God would give him a victory. Instead of breaking his vow like he should have when his daughter came out of the house, he kept it and sacrificed her (Judges 11:29–40). In Jephthah’s haste, he rashly made an unlawful vow and then sinned again by keeping it.

Do you flippantly use the Lord’s name in conversation without even thinking about His majesty or holiness? What about the process you go through before you commit yourself with a vow? Do you consider the situation carefully or do you rush in without much thought beforehand? Spend some time meditating on God’s holiness so that you will not be guilty of profaning His name by using it flippantly or by making a rash vow.