2 Chronicles 25-27

2 Chronicles 25-27…Uzziah.

Unfortunately, Uzziah forgot the One who made him strong towards the end of his life. Instead of humble reliance on the Lord, Uzziah let his strength get to his head and took it upon himself to burn incense on the altar of incense, which was the prerogative of the priests alone (Ex. 30:1–10). The priests warned the king against his foolhardy course of action, but Uzziah persisted and broke out with leprosy from the hand of God, finally dying in disgrace (2 Chron. 26:17–23).

As believers today, it is no longer possible for us to disobey the Lord at the altar of incense simply because there is no altar of incense today. Still, as incense represents the prayers of God’s people, there is still a warning in this text about how we should approach our Creator in prayer. We can never stand before Him in pride and demand that He answer us because of our own goodness or strength. Neither can we proudly think we are so strong that we have no need to pray to Him. On the contrary, we must always come before Him with humility, not boasting of our own strength but relying on Him alone.