Psalms 128-130

Psalms 128-130…A song of ascents.

Psalm 130 is a “song of ascents”–a worship song intended for use on pilgrimages to Jerusalem. It can be divided into four couplets. The first is a cry for God’s mercy. The second conveys that though we stand justly condemned, we can rely upon His forgiveness and love. The third couplet describes an intense period of waiting for forgiveness, and the fourth admonishes all Israel to trust in God in this same way.

By “waiting,” we don’t imply that God is toying with our emotions. “Waiting” in this case means waiting with eagerness and hope–not wishful hope but sure hope. God will answer, His mercy and forgiveness will arrive, and the joy of fellowship will return. The psalmist is like a watchman waiting for a certain sunrise (cf. Isa. 52:8; Lam. 3:25–26).

Today or sometime soon, make room in your schedule for an extended time of confession before the Lord. Make sure you choose a time and place where you won’t be disturbed. Take your Bible and perhaps some notes with you, and resolve to “do business with God.”