Nehemiah 8-10

Nehemiah 8-10…Preaching

Scripture commends the practice of expository preaching and teaching. In this section of Nehemiah, for example, the Levites explain the meaning of the Mosaic law to the people as Ezra leads them in repentance after the return from exile. Paul supports the practice when he exhorts Timothy to divide the Word of truth rightly (2 Tim. 2:15). In other words, Timothy must pay close attention to Scripture, seeking to drive “a straight path” through it, faithfully applying it to his flock.

Preaching is central in our worship of the Lord, and Paul’s word to Timothy noted above instructs us to judge the quality of our preachers based on their fidelity to the text and not their rhetorical skills. May we look for preachers who give us the Word.

Preaching can be a lonely and intimidating task. If you have a preacher who is faithful to Scripture as he preaches, make sure you take the time to thank him for feeding you the Word of God. Moreover, as we study the Bible individually, we can be tempted to read our opinions into the text and compromise its original meaning. That is why we must pray that we would be faithful to the text while we research a passage’s original setting and its immediate context.