Judges 16-18

Judges 16-18…Samson and Delilah, Samson’s death, and Micah and the Levite.

Samson paid a dreadful price for his folly in being seduced by Delilah. The Philistines gouged his eyes out and put him to grinding in a mill. This was their way of showing that their god, Dagon, the god of grain, had won the victory over the God of Israel. Likewise, when a child of God falls, the unbelieving world is always quick to gloat over him and attribute his failure to an inherent flaw in Christianity.

Their victory was short-lived. While Samson was grinding in the mill, his hair grew and his repentance with it. When the Philistines brought him into one of their drunken festivals, Samson’s strength had returned to the point that he was able to pull the pillars of the building down to kill himself and the Philistines.

How did Samson get into such a mess? How did he lose his strength? Taking things for granted? Yes. Not walking in obedience to God? Yes. Seeing how close he could get to the fire without being burned? Yes. All of these things and more came into play, but the final answer is that he himself became so enamored with the Philistine culture as embodied in and expressed by Delilah that he was blind to everything else.

Samson is a very fitting and appropriate picture of the church today. We, like him, have been called to influence our culture for Christ. We are called to be salt to slow the decay of the kingdom of man and light to show the way to God’s kingdom. But, the culture we are trying to influence is not passive. It has its own doctrine, its own agenda, and its own preachers, and, it is aggressively dedicated to resisting our message and spreading its own. All the more reason to be surrounding ourselves with other believers who can speak truth into our lives, encouraging us and holding us accountable, so we are not deceived.