Leviticus 13-15

Leviticus 13-15…Regulations and cleansing instructions on uncleanness.

Things which were declared unclean in chapters 13-15 either had to be purified or destroyed. People who were declared unclean by the priests suffered the humiliation of being declared (and, in some cases of having to declare oneself) unclean, and then the resulting isolation from the presence of God and from association with the people of God. That which was unclean was put outside the camp, away from the presence of God and His people. In some cases the unclean thing or person was viewed as being a contaminator of others.

If we are saved, then we have been made perfectly clean through Christ’s righteousness. These chapters teach us just how massive the chasm is between God and us. The carefulness regarding holiness is still to be an important part of how we help to maintain God’s glory in our local churches. For the one in our church, who is unrepentant and persistent in sin, but claims to be a Christian, there must be specific steps taken to keep God’s name from being defamed. Matthew 18:15-20 provides a blueprint for how the church should deal with sin. If we truly love our brothers and sisters in Christ, we’ll know, understand, and apply this text with gentleness. This passage should always be understood with God’s glory through the corporate witness of the local church being of utmost importance. Restoration and repentance are what we should desire for the one caught in sin.