2 Chronicles 31-33

2 Chronicles 31-33…Jesus is our representative.

The books of Chronicles were written to the Israelites after the Babylonian exile to show them what they needed to do to have their kingdom restored. In this section of 2 Chronicles, we read of Manasseh, an Israelite king who was so wicked that God eventually sent him into exile in Babylon. While in Babylon, Manasseh repented and was restored to his throne. Here Manasseh is being used as a representative for the nation, specifically Judah, for this was later the experience of the whole people when they were exiled into Babylon for their sins (2 Kings 25). The Chronicler is telling the ancient Israelites that if they repent just as Manasseh did, they would be preserved in their restoration after Babylon and regain their kingdom.

Israel as a whole failed after returning from exile, but the principle of representation ensures that the Son of David can fulfill Israel’s mission and thus the mission given to Adam. Thanks be to God that this Son of David (Jesus) represents us as well. Because Jesus stands in our place before the Father, what can be said of Him can also be said of us. Jesus’ record is clear of sin and full of righteousness, and this is what the Father sees when He looks upon us in His heavenly courtroom. This is an essential truth of the gospel, and it assures us that we are free from the penalty of sin if we are in Christ and that we need not fear approaching the Lord with all of our hopes, fears, and needs.