Leviticus 25-27

Leviticus 25-27…The Sabbath/Jubilee year, rewards/punishment for obedience/disobedience, and redeeming what is the Lord’s.

All labor was to cease in the seventh year, as much as daily labor on the seventh day. These statues in Leviticus 25 tell us to beware of covetousness, because our lives are not about our possessions. This year of rest typified the spiritual rest which all believers enter into through Christ. Through Him we are eased of the burden of worldly labor, and we are enabled and encouraged to live by faith.

Leviticus 26 contains a general enforcement of all the laws given by Moses. Promises of reward in case of obedience, on the one hand, and punishment for disobedience, on the other. These great and precious promises, though they relate mainly to the life which now is, were typical of the spiritual blessings ensured by the covenant of grace to all believers, through Christ.

The Israelites acknowledge God to be the owner of their land, the giver of its fruits, and themselves to be His tenants. We are no different, which makes any teaching focused on accumulation of wealth and possessions false. If a “christian” teacher or pastor has ever taught you to do this, please flee from them immediately, and repent from this satanic false worship. God owns all of our possessions, and we are stewards of His gifts to us.