Joshua 4-6

Joshua 4-6…Memorial stones and the fall of Jericho.

The works of the Lord are so worthy of remembrance, and our our hearts are so quick to forget them, that various methods are needed to refresh our memories. God gave orders for preparing this memorial in Joshua 4. It is a healthy spiritual exercise, to look back on your life and give God praise for all of the details. His history includes you, and for that story to also include your rescue from sin and eternal punishment is remarkable.

In toppling Jericho, the Lord commanded His people to eliminate everything, not because Israel was intrinsically holy but because the pagans in Canaan earned it (Gen. 15:12–21). Yet Joshua and the Israelites did not determine their victims. Rather, the Lord directed them to fight a holy war in Canaan limited both in scope and duration. God’s people have never been commanded to slaughter all their enemies on every occasion. Finally, the salvation of Rahab and her household shows that even the holy war against the Canaanites was not absolute. Those willing to turn from sin and serve Yahweh, the true creator God who revealed Himself to Israel, were to be spared.