2 Kings 8-10

2 Kings 8-10…King Jehu

King Ahab sunk to new lows for royalty in Israel, urged on by his wife Jezebel. He desecrated the faith of Israel, instigated crimes against the prophets of God, and promoted Baal worship. But the disgusting crime that appeared to arouse the anger of the Lord beyond them all was one Jezebel perpetrated on his behalf. She had a man named Naboth killed so that her husband could take his vineyard. The Lord immediately sent Elijah to proclaim judgment on Ahab, his descendants, and Jezebel. Ahab showed remorse, and the Lord showed him some mercy. Jezebel remained defiant to the undignified end.

Jehu had just been anointed as king of Israel, and God’s first assignment for his new king was to avenge the murder initiated by Jezebel. After killing former king Joram and Ahaziah, king of Judah, Jehu arrived at Jezreel. Jezebel greeted the news with actions befitting her selfish, shallow, wicked nature: she put on makeup and did her hair. Whether divinely directed or simply as a natural response to her wickedness, the previous servants of Jezebel turned on her without hesitation.

Jehu recommended a proper burial for the downfallen queen because of her royal descent, but it was too late. The prophecy of Elijah had come to fruition, an appropriate end for a woman who did as much as anyone in history to influence God’s people negatively. After the dogs were through with her, no one would ever visit her grave or remember her fondly (2 Kings 9:37).

Perhaps we haven’t stooped as low as Jezebel in the volume of our sins—but we are just as susceptible to pride in our own way. Jezebel was more concerned about her external appearance and meeting her selfish desires. Who can claim to be immune to such things? She served as the extreme example of sins that can be routine for us. Take some time today to examine yourself, and see how you are letting the fear of man affect your daily life.