Joshua 7-9

Joshua 7-9…The sin of Achan, and Joshua renews the covenant.

Achan took some of the spoil of Jericho. In doing so, he clearly showed his love for the world was greater than his love for God. We grow bitter when we worship worldly gain, because it will never satisfy us. As Christians, we should know this because the Bible is clear that we were made to worship God, not idols. However, we are quick to become like the world, especially if we don’t have other believers around us, speaking truth into our lives. Discontent hearts don’t produce fruit, and are evidenced by isolation and bitterness. Sin is deceptive, and idol worship will own you unless you are transparent about your life with other believers in your church. Ever wonder why you don’t produce the kind of spiritual fruit that other Christians do? Maybe worship of the world is keeping you from loving God and others.

Joshua renews the covenant of the Lord with His people. As soon as he got to the mountains of Ebal and Gerizim, without delay, and without caring for the unsettled state of Israel, he confirmed the covenant of the Lord. We also should not wait to covenant with God. We don’t need to clean ourselves up before running to Him. In fact, our recognition that we aren’t OK, is what should drive us to Him. We need Him daily, and must see our utter dependence on Christ. It’s OK to know that you’re not OK, as long as you don’t stay there. This is what Christian maturity looks like.