2 Chronicles 16-18

2 Chronicles 16-18…Devoted to the word.

Like his father Asa, King Jehoshaphat started strong, following the ways of the Lord and fighting idolatry. God rewarded him with peace and prosperity. Obedience doesn’t guarantee positive outcomes, but they would have reminded the nation that covenant obedience brought blessings while disobedience brought judgment. In addition, this time of peace would have been a direct contrast with the later years of Asa, during which God punished Judah with war. In effect, He used the events of history, which illustrates His unending sovereignty, to call the nation back to Himself.

Jehoshaphat understood that one key to spiritual thriving is God’s Word. Knowledge of it can be the first step towards revival. So he also sent out priests, Levites and government officials to teach (or re-teach) people the Scriptures and to remind them about God’s covenant with His people and His care for them through history.

We need to follow this model, and allow God’s word to shape our hearts and minds. In doing so, our lives will grow in conformity to Christ’s. But, we need to choose our teachers very carefully. There are many false teachers, and it can be difficult to discern which ones are to be avoided. A quick litmus test is this: Does the teacher you follow take single verses or passages out of context? This is a very dangerous, but popular thing to do, especially amongst prosperity teachers.