Psalms 21-25

Psalms 21-25…God is relational.

David often opens his prayers in the Psalms with a simple but profound statement about the relationship between himself (as the king) and God (as the King). God is the righteous protector of His people who would bring their enemies to shame. He is worthy of the wholehearted trust David placed in Him.

Psalm 25 in particular shows a series of petitions and praises made in the context of this relationship, many of which focus on David’s desire to know God better. He prayed that God would teach and guide him in the way of truth and obedience, the only way that he could have any genuine hope. He also prayed that God would “remember” him–meaning, as we’ve seen before, that God would remain loving and faithful to him. Only God’s mercy and love could cover and cleanse his sins. The psalmist was confident that God is the sort of God who can and will answer such requests. He affirmed that God instructs sinners and forgives wrongdoing. He loves people who are humble, repentant, and obedient, and who revere Him. Best of all, “The Lord confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them.” In this relationship, God Himself has taken the initiative and shared His “secrets,” as friends do.

The idea of a personal relationship with God is a key facet of the life of prayer. This is a major difference between Christianity and other world religions. It is also a very powerful witness to the absolute truth of the Christian faith, as we cannot deny our desire for personal relationships, and our absolute need for them. We have these desires because we were made in God’s image, and He designed us to be relational creatures.