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Psalm 119:53

Psalm 119:53

“Hot indignation seizes me because of the wicked, who forsake your law.”

The state referred to here is that of one who sees the storm of burning wind and sand approaching. This is because of the conduct of those who turn from God’s word or ignore it altogether. It is important to note that the offense is mainly due to the forsaking of God’s law. We are to be jealous for God’s holiness and Kingship. We should want His name to be lifted up, and when it’s not, it should bother us.

Most importantly, we need to have this kind of conviction over our own sin. We are every bit as wicked as the next person, and if we’ve been redeemed, we should see evidences of grace in our own lives. There should be progress, which is spiritual maturity. With that spiritual maturity will come a big view of God, and therefore the “hot indignation” will not be as a result of being personally offended, but of wanting God to be honored.


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