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Psalm 119:22

Psalm 119:22

“Take away from me scorn and contempt, for I have kept your testimonies.”

Apart from Christ, there is scorn and contempt from God toward us. Keeping His testimonies includes, primarily, repentance and faith in Christ. We cannot perfectly keep ourselves in line with His ways. However, we can grow in grace, and to do so, we need to take seriously the charge to turn from our sins and put our hope in Christ.

Throughout this series in Psalm 119 we’ve considered the need to respond properly to the gospel. A change should take place in the believer, particularly in terms of how they view their sin, and also how they respond to it. The believer will see their offense as being especially offensive to God, and will turn from their sin toward Christ. Persistence in sin and unrepentant pride are not the marks of a Christian.


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