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Psalm 119:20

Psalm 119:20

“My soul is consumed with longing for your rules at all times.”

We think about what we love. We spend time on what we love. We talk about what we love. We make plans to do things we love. Our emotions are stirred by people and things we love.

Do you think about God? Do you spend time with Him? Do you talk about Him and His word with others? Do you make plans for the future which include Him? When you sing your favorite Christian song, are you stirred by His love for you in Christ, or some other emotion?

Your soul is eternal, and if you are saved, your soul will be with God forever, worshiping Him, and loving His majestic attributes, especially His holiness. Does that concept interest you? If not, you may have been sold a gospel that includes benefits in this life only. This is not limited to the prosperity gospel, but also includes the false gospel that is all about cleaning your life up here. To be clear, you will grow in holiness here if you are saved, but that is not the main attraction. The main attraction is God, and the eternal fellowship we have with Him in Christ.

We cannot have a relationship with Him outside of Christ because of our sin and His holiness. Any gospel that misses that point is simply not true.


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