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Psalm 119:19

Psalm 119:19

“I am a sojourner on the earth; hide not your commandments from me!”

This sounds a lot like the language in 1 Peter 1. The word exiles in that portion of scripture is very much implying that we are aliens here. This is not our home. And if that is true, we need see clearly the commands from the one whose home we’ll live in one day.

The Lord’s commands are not able to be understood by those who are not His. Asking for clarity on them, and petitioning God for understanding is a good thing to do. The perspective of the Psalmist here is an eternal one. He understands that the rules of this world may seem deceptively right and true, but it’s the command and statutes of the Eternal God which need to be prioritized.

Consider today the unseen, spiritual things, and their importance. These are the things that we need to fix our minds on. In particular, fixing our mind on God and His goodness to us in Christ, including what we’ve been saved from, and what we’ve saved to, is most important.


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