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Psalm 119:17

Psalm 119:17

“Deal bountifully with your servant, that I may live and keep your word.”

The psalmist asks the Lord to deal bountifully with him that he may live and keep the Lord’s Word. Understand what the psalmist is saying here; this is a profound prayer. Repeatedly in the Psalms and elsewhere in Scripture, prayers like this indicate a desire for the Lord to bestow life, real life, a quality of life that is worthy of the name, a spiritual life that is found only in fellowship with God. And the psalmist is saying, “Lord, would You graciously, would You generously, would You kindly deal with Your servant so that I may have real life in the keeping of Your Word.”

We should set that in the context of the serpent’s temptation. To Adam and Eve he said, “If you want to have real life you’ve got to disobey His Word.” And the psalmist’s prayer, out of the midst of trouble, is blocking out that word of temptation from the serpent and he’s saying, “No, no, Lord. Deal bountifully with me and deal bountifully with me this way, that I may have real life in living out Your Word because I know that Your Word is not for a curse and Your Word does not inhibit life; Your Word gives life. So show me Your favor that I may live by Your Word.”


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