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Psalm 119:10

Psalm 119:10

Seeking the Lord with our whole heart means that we do it wholeheartedly and thoroughly. The lukewarm heart needs to be set on fire. When we go through a period of indifference to the Lord, we need to fight for joy, lean on others, and be self aware. Many times we wander from the Lord’s commandments because we aren’t thinking of them. Other times we know them, but don’t care enough about them to obey.

This is why being part of a healthy local church is so important. The mature help the immature. Those who are flourishing spiritually, help those who are struggling. Those who are discouraged can see that others are experiencing trials far worse than theirs, and it gives perspective. Ultimately, when the local church as a whole cares well for her members, it is rare for someone to struggle in isolation. This brings glory to the Lord.


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