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Psalm 119:3

Psalm 119:3

Continuing on the theme of being blessed (i.e. content, satisfied, and secure in the Lord, not merely happy), the Psalmist says something which may seem unrealistic. He’s referring to those “who also do no wrong” as blessed. How is this possible?

Throughout scripture we see things which may on the surface seem contradictory. But if we want to be thoughtful and consistent, we’ll dig deeper. The bible says that all of us do wrong; “None is righteous, no not one.” (Romans 3:10) So how do we understand Psalm 119:3 in light of this truth? Well, we certainly want to strive for perfect obedience. Given the fact that we can’t be sinless this side of heaven, what does it mean to do no wrong?

I think our answer lies in Matthew 18. Jesus gave instructions on how to handle believers who were persistent and unrepentant in their sin. After gently and carefully walking alongside such a person (read more about biblical church discipline and membership here), the church is to lovingly let them know they cannot call themselves a Christian and continue to do wrong without repenting. This helps ensure that the world sees what authentic Christianity looks like.

There is a right way to respond to sin. If we want to do no wrong, we need to walk with the Lord, even after we sin. This is how we obey the second line of verse 3, to “walk in his ways.” We are called to repent and believe in Christ, confessing our sins to Him (1 John 1:9) and to one another. (James 5:16). Notice that faithfully walking with the Lord includes transparency about our lives with other members of our local church (the one another references throughout the New Testament are within the context of a local church). If this is a part of your discipleship that you’ve omitted, start off 2015 by joining a church, and sharing your life with fellow believers.


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