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Psalm 119:2

Psalm 119:2

Those who keep the Lord’s testimonies are sure to seek after Him. If His word is precious, then the Lord Himself is even more so. This is a very important piece of following the Lord, because our reward in heaven will be fellowship with Him. So, if fellowship with Him now is not attractive to you, then you really aren’t going to like heaven very much.

If we really know the power of the gospel we must seek the God of the gospel. The further someone grows in spiritual maturity, the more spiritual their interests become. An outward walk is not good enough for the true believer. They know their own desires and thoughts, and recognize just how evil they are. Those who are saved will seek the Lord, and will love to have fellowship with Him. Our love for Him will never be consistent this side of heaven, but one day when we see Him, we’ll be able to perfectly reciprocate His perfect love for us.


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