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Proverbs 28-29

Proverbs 28-29…Self control.

Self-control is a crucial ingredient of godly wisdom. Proverbs 29 provides an excellent opportunity to recap or review many of the ingredients of wisdom seen throughout this book of wisdom. We’ve seen that wisdom is closely associated with righteousness, trust in God, sexual faithfulness or purity, justice, order, good leadership, acting for others’ benefit, joy, blessing, care for the poor, being slow to anger, integrity, honesty, fairness, being diligent in parenting, obedience, peacemaking, humility, attentive listening, an openness to rebuke or correction, and the fear of the Lord. We’ve also seen that foolishness is associated with wickedness, tyranny, disorder, trust in self, adultery or sexual immorality, injustice, oppression, stubbornness, tyranny, exploiting the poor, being hot-tempered, deceit, dishonesty, disobedience, pride, ears closed to rebuke or correction, greed, destruction, insincerity, self-centeredness, rebelliousness, anger, violence, a lack of self-control, and no fear of the Lord.

Self control really does bring more joy, as we were created to enjoy living under glad submission to our Creator. A foolish person falls into his own trap, but the righteous “shout for joy and are glad” (Pr 29: 6). That trap is defined as “fear of man”—it’s fear of the Lord that is the true key to wisdom, safety, and blessing (Pr 29:25).


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