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Psalms 56-60

Psalms 56-60…Praying in anguish.

A person who is facing a crisis, not of war, but of intense spiritual turmoil, knows that situations like the ones outlined in Psalms 56-60 do in fact try our souls. And in times like these we learn the difference between being a “sunshine patriot” who shrinks back from trouble, and a soldier who stands strong during the conflict and experiences the joy of winning something of priceless value.

It’s safe to say that most people who have prayed consistently have had times of agonizing prayer. This is another side of prayer we need to explore. It’s much more exciting to talk about answered prayer and prayer that flows out of deep joy. But there is also power in the prayer that comes from an anguished heart, when it seems that God is far away and the problem is pressing us to our limits.

David was no stranger to trouble himself. He had real enemies with real weapons hounding him. Even though most of us haven’t faced that reality, who hasn’t expressed wishes like the ones David does in these Psalms? We believe that honest, trustful, tenacious prayer in times of pain provides us with that refuge. And we believe this because we know that our God is faithful and true.


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