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Psalms 26-30

Psalms 26-30…Leave room for the Lord’s justice.

The antidote for a complaining or bitter spirit is trust in the Lord, especially in His justice. Rather than worrying or becoming angry, we should follow David’s example throughout Psalms 26-30 and pray for vindication. His prayers are neatly summarized in Psalm 26:1. The request is justice, the doer is God, and the basis is the innocence and faith of the psalmist.

The plea of innocence was not a proud or blind one, for David confessed his sinfulness in other psalms. Here he invited God to examine him, preferred God’s house over the “assembly of evildoers,” and cited righteous actions as evidence of his worshipful heart. He didn’t claim perfection, only a certainty that what he was suffering was undeserved.

Assuming God accepted his claim, and assuming His sovereign power as well, David renewed his prayer for vindication. David’s righteousness could not save him–he needed the mercy and redemption of the Lord. Psalm 26:12 is a beautiful, confident conclusion: “My feet stand on level ground; in the great assembly I will praise the Lord.” Level ground is smooth; there are no hidden holes or stumbling blocks. In the same way, God’s justice is the most secure place to take a stand.


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