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Psalms 11-15

Psalms 11-15…Glory to come.

Once a soul has come to understand something of the unutterable majesty of the holiness of God, the question asked in Psalm 15 suddenly weighs upon the heart: “Who shall ascend the mountain of the LORD?” That is, who can draw near to this living God in worship? Who can climb their way to the summit of his dwelling place and gaze upon his beauty? Who, what’s more, could ever abide with God in his house?

Between the original creation (and subsequent Fall) described at the beginning of Genesis and the glory of humanity dwelling with God in the new creation at the end of Revelation, there is a sweeping drama. Being so used to life in a “fallen” world, we may easily forget that all the biblical narratives following the Fall of Genesis 3 are in some fashion or another, and by varying degrees, moving this drama forward, developing the plot that eventually leads to a perfect ending; Christ comes back and heaven on earth is achieved. That plot can be followed by keeping one’s eye (and, surely, one’s heart) fixed upon the central question given us in the Psalms: “Who shall ascend the mountain of the LORD?” Only those who are in Christ.


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