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Job 37-39

Job 37-39…God interrogates Job.

When Job finally gets the audience with the Lord that he requested, he’s not the one asking the questions! Instead, like a prosecuting attorney, the Lord fires off the questions and informs Job, “You will answer me” (38:3). God challenges Job’s insinuation that He wasn’t administering justice fairly. This interrogation covers Job 38 and 39, but it could be paraphrased in this one penetrating question: “Were you present at creation?” (38:4). Of course, Job wasn’t. Therefore, Job isn’t in a position to accuse the Lord of being unjust or unloving.

To be fair, Job has had a few moments of brilliance in understanding God’s wisdom and perfection. But he’s also slipped into pride because he’d judged the Lord solely based on what he could see. He had failed to consider that there was more to the picture than what met his own eyes or came from his own understanding.

As we near the end of the book of Job, it’s a good idea to review some key points. Job is rebuked by the Lord, not because of some rebellious sin, but rather because he was unwilling to let God govern the universe as God sees fit. This is something that all of us must learn. Like Job, sincere followers of the Lord may encounter pain and suffering for no apparent reason. But like Job, we must realize that a trusting submission to God’s greater purpose is required.


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