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2 Chronicles 9

2 Chronicles 9…The Queen of Sheba.

The Queen of Sheba came to Solomon with difficult questions. She came to the right place, for Solomon exceeded all the kings of the earth in wisdom. They all wanted to hear the wisdom that God had put into his heart. And so we should do the same, and bring our hard questions to Christ. He is greater than Solomon, and He has perfect, eternal wisdom. Therefore, we need to seek His word for direction.

She came in the right spirit, bringing Solomon gold and spices and precious stones. When we approach Christ we must be willing to give to Him. There must be a reciprocity because there is a great cost in following him. She also came to a right conclusion. He answered all her questions, and she returned congratulating his servants and blessing God. To each of us, life is full of perplexities, to which we can find no solution. However, there are answers in Christ. We may not know exactly why God is placing us in a particular circumstance, but we can generally know that it is for our spiritual good. His will is always to grow us, and He uses trials to do so in many instances.


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