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1 Chronicles 24-26

1 Chronicles 24-26…The gatekeepers.

Men of great character and bravery were needed for this, just as sweet singers were for the service of song. Entrance to the House of God was restricted to a privileged few. Gentiles were excluded from certain courts, and women from another. It was incumbent also to look out for those who, like the publican in the Lord’s parable, might shrink from intruding, and encourage them to enter. Gatekeepers had to combine many qualities, which would be of the greatest service if they could be repeated in each church and chapel of our great cities, for welcoming old and young.

As we consider how to apply this text to our lives, we need to be mainly concerned with the temple of the heart. We surely need a gatekeeper there, for in the inner life there is so much conflict. Godless thoughts pour into the shrine of the soul, and pour out. And often, in the crowd, disloyal and evil thoughts introduce a sense of distance and alienation from God. Whenever our inward sky is overcast, we should question whether some traitor has entered. This is why we need to not only to live in the Spirit, but to walk in the Spirit.

It is necessary also that careful supervision should be exercised over those who unite with the visible Church, or her holiness will become diluted, and her fences broken down. Nothing is more important than the function of gatekeeping for the Church’s purity, which is why church membership and discipline is so important.


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