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1 Chronicles 1-4

1 Chronicles 1-4…God wants our obedience.

Two basic principles enumerated in the list of names in these first four chapters prevail throughout the OT. Namely, obedience brings blessing, disobedience brings judgment. In the Chronicles, when the king obeyed and trusted the Lord, God blessed and protected. But when the king disobeyed and/or put his trust in something or someone other than the Lord, God withdrew His blessing and protection.

Three basic failures by the kings of Judah brought God’s wrath:

1) personal sin

2) false worship/idolatry

3) trust in man rather than God

Before we quickly move past these failures and assume this was something only experienced in the OT, we need to look at our own hearts. We are guilty of these things daily. So, we need to repent and put our hope in Christ daily. Also, we need to conform our thoughts and hearts to God’s word. Only then can we mature in these areas.


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