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1 Samuel 20-22

1 Samuel 20-22…The friendship of Jonathan and David.

David’s friendship with Saul’s son, Jonathan, is a model of loyalty in a human relationship. We see in these chapters a moving description of the deep friendship that existed between the two. On the run from Saul, David explained his plight to Jonathan, who could hardly believe him at first. Jonathan did not want to accept that his father wanted to kill David, since that would have meant he would have to forgo loyalty to his own family for the sake of doing what was right. This fact should not be skipped over too quickly. In this fallen world, loyalty to one person can often require us to be disloyal to another, and it is especially painful when we have to be disloyal to our own relatives who are in the wrong. But Jonathan was an honorable man and vowed to let David know whether Saul’s anger still burned against him, even if it meant losing the trust of his father. The two men even made a solemn covenant to reassure each other of their godly motivations.

As the people of God, we must be especially careful never to show loyalty to the wrong people and we must be worthy of the trust of our friends and family. This can be easier said than done at times, but the Holy Spirit is with us to help us maintain our loyalty even when doing so is difficult. Let us repent of any disloyalty we have shown and work to make it up to someone we have betrayed. And may we always keep our vows to the Lord Himself.


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