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1 Samuel 17-19

1 Samuel 17-19…David and Goliath

The message of David and Goliath is not that God will defeat our giants, since that idea is found nowhere in the text. The author speaks through the character of David and tells us in the climax of the story what the message is: that all the nations may know the God of Israel is the true God who saves those who trust in Him. The message is evangelistic – all the nations must know of this God. It is messianic – David is the Lord’s anointed, pointing us to the reign of Christ. It is God-centered – He receives all the glory because He saves apart from man’s strength. The hero of the story is the Lord and His messiah as represented in the character of David.

It is hard for us to resist turning this into a moral tale. We assume the author of 1 Samuel wanted good, godly behavior from his readers. So we cast ourselves as David and re-imagine Goliath as any number of “giants” we may be facing from a disease to a job situation to family problems to financial struggles to persistent heartburn. The moral of the tale of David and Goliath is if we trust and obey God He will empower us to overcome the challenges in our life.


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