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Deuteronomy 5-7

Deuteronomy 5-7…The ten commandments, the greatest commandment, a chosen people.

Moses demands attention giving God’s word to the people. When we hear the word of God we must both hear and obey. This is the goal of hearing and learning. We are not to fill our heads with merely notions, or our mouths with talk, but to direct both our affections and actions to the Lord.

In Deuteronomy 6, we read of the greatest commandment. The fear of God in the heart will be the most powerful principle of obedience. It is highly desirable that not we only, but our children, and our children’s children, may fear the Lord. If we’re saved, we’ll desire that all those in our church fear Him as well. He is glorified particularly by the corporate witness of Christ’s bride.

Here is a strict warning in Deuteronomy 7 against all close fellowship with idols and idolaters. Those who are in communion with God, must be very careful relationships. We will become like those whom we spend the most time. Therefor, Christian, find someone who is growing spiritually and be intentional about spending time with them.


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