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Numbers 34-36

Numbers 34-36…Boundaries of Canaan, the city of refuge, and the inheritance of Zelophehad’s daughters.

Canaan was not particularly large in geographical size. In this life we don’t need to have the biggest and best to demonstrate what God is like. Those who have their portion in heaven, have reason to be content with what they have on earth. The riches of forgiveness and joy in Christ are far better and more satisfying than earthly prosperity.

The city of refuge in Numbers 35 is a picture of what Christ offers. It gave support to every one who entered its walls. Those who have reached the refuge, may live by faith in Him whose flesh is spiritual food, and whose blood is spiritual drink. The things of this world will never bring satisfaction ultimately. This is why the most wealthy and famous are clearly the most broken if you’re paying attention. They keep turning back to idols which are not satisfying, and the perpetual cycle of serving self continues to disappoint. Contentment is a very powerful witness for the gospel, because it allows us to walk in freedom.

In the final chapter of Numbers (ch. 36), the heads of the tribe of Manasseh represent the evil which might follow, if the daughters of Zelophehad should marry into any other tribes. They sought to preserve the Divine appointment of inheritances, and that contests and quarrels should not rise among those who should come afterwards. It is wise for those who have estates in the world, to settle them, and to dispose of them, so that no strife and contention should arise.


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