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Numbers 28-30

Numbers 28-30…Offerings, festivals, and vows.

God saw fit now to repeat the law of sacrifices. This was a new generation of men; and they were concerned to keep their peace with God when at war with their enemies. They were a figure of the blood of Christ, the memorial of which is still left to the church in the cup, and of the blood of the martyrs, which was poured out as a drink-offering on the sacrifice and service of our faith, Philippians 2:17.

Every day of the festival of tabernacles required a sin-offering, as in the other feasts. Our burnt-offerings of praise cannot be accepted of God, unless we have an interest in the great sacrifice which Christ offered, when he made Himself a sin-offering for us. Everything we see here in Numbers 29-30 reminds us of our sinfulness. The life that we live in the flesh must be by faith in the Son of God, until we go to be with Him, to behold His glory, and praise His mercy. The objective reality that we often forget, is that God would be good and right to judge us right now and send us to eternal punishment under His wrath. However, in His great love and mercy, He’s made a way for a few to be saved. How gracious for the One who made us and who has been offended by our sin, to die in our place.


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