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Genesis 27-29

Genesis 27-29…Jacob and Rebekah deceive Isaac, Jacob has a dream, then goes to Paddam Aram (Northern Syria) and marries both Rachel and Leah.

Rebekah knew that Isaac’s blessing was intended for Jacob, and expected he would have it. But, she wronged Isaac by working to deceive him; she wronged Jacob by tempting him to sin. She put a stumbling-block in Esau’s way, and gave him a pretext for hatred toward Jacob and God. All were to be blamed. It was one of those crooked measures we often adopt when we don’t trust God. Since the fall of man, we’ve always been a people lacking trust in God. Even though we know the truth about Him, we choose to not believe and trust.

In Genesis 28, Jacob’s famous dream occurs (Jacob’s ladder as it’s well-known). Jacob saw a ladder which reached from earth to heaven, the angels going up and coming down, and God himself at the head of it. This represents:

1. The providence of God, by which there is a constant interaction, kept up between heaven and earth. This let Jacob know that he had both a good guide and a good guard.

2. The mediation of Christ. He is this ladder; the foot on earth in his human nature, the top in heaven in his Divine nature. Christ is the only way for this relational interaction to occur, and all God’s spiritual favors come to us, and all our services go to him, by Christ, John 1:51. By this way, sinners draw near to the throne of grace with acceptance. By faith we perceive this way, and in prayer we approach it. In answer to prayer we receive all needful blessings of providence and grace. We have no way of getting to heaven but by Christ.

Jacob was drawn into the sin of multiple wives in Genesis 29. He could not refuse Rachel, for he had espoused her; still less could he refuse Leah. As yet there was no express command against marrying more than one wife. It was in the patriarchs a sin of ignorance. Today, God’s will is plainly made known by the Divine law, Leviticus 18:18, and more fully since, by our Savior, that one man and woman only must be joined together, 1 Corinthians 7:2.


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