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Isaiah 40:29

Isaiah 40:29…”He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”

In our prideful, unbelief, we think we’re strong enough to function without God. Its easy to think this way because we cannot see God, and quickly forget about Him. His word is clear though, teaching us that we need Him, and that He wants us to depend upon Him for everything. When we go to Him in utter dependence, He gives us strength. Not necessarily strength to always win, or be successful in a worldly sense, but strength to persevere with an eternal perspective. Strength to fix our eyes on Christ, who is to be esteemed above everything and everyone. Strength to love in difficult circumstances and strength to hold our tongues. Strength to refrain from lust, and strength to trust God’s goodness when we don’t really understand His purpose. This is all to be for His glory, not ours. However, this strength is only granted when the object of our worship is Him. If we go to Him as a means to some other end like health or wealth or special earthly blessings, them we miss the point. Christ didn’t die for us to experience the American Dream more fully. The Creator of the Universe devised a rescue plan because we needed to be saved from our sins, and have no other hope against His wrath. We have to see ourselves as completely without hope or power, and incapable of standing before Him on the day of judgement, outside of Christ. When we grasp this, we’ll see the true beauty of Christ, and the grace and mercy of our Father in heaven. Until then, we’re trying to use a god that actually doesn’t exist, which is a dangerous place to be.


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