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Isaiah 40:23

Isaiah 40:23…”He brings princes to naught and reduces the rulers of this world to nothing.”

God is sovereign over authority in this world. He places people in positions of leadership for His glory. Since we’re not Him, we can’t fully understand His plan, but because of His character and word, we know that His plan is good. If we’re in a position of leadership, be it in our families, churches, or work, He put us there. As Christians, we are constantly either telling the truth about what Christ is like through our actions and words as leaders, or we’re giving false witness. This is true of the times when we do nothing as well. When we fail to lead through not speaking or not acting, we abdicate our responsibility, and lie about Christ. Thankfully, He perfectly led, and always spoke and acted in holiness. If we repent and believe in Him, His perfect life is imputed to us. However, we need to take spiritual inventory of where we are falling short, because where there is no recognition of sin there is no repentance, and where there is no repentance there is spiritual immaturity.


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