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Proverbs 21:4

Proverbs 21:4…”Haughty eyes and a proud heart – the lamp of the wicked – produce sin.” We have very high views of ourselves. A great example is the high standard we have for the way we want to be treated, which we don’t typically follow in the way we treat others. Even depression is a form of pride because we don’t like that our lives haven’t gone the way we wanted them to go. Interestingly, despite the ease of life and abundant wealth in the US, Americans are some of the most depressed people in the world (In fact, if you’re a woman living in the United States, you’re six times more likely to be depressed than a man living in China according to a recent study by Bromet et al, 2011). We need to put away the secular language of “improving self-esteem” and realize that ours is too high, and is the foundation of our discontent. Our hearts desire self-glorification in place of God, which means that we try to sit on His throne and rule in areas where submission to Him and trust in Him are needed. This is what guides the unbeliever (i.e. the lamp of the wicked), and produces sin. For the believer, we need to see our own high view of ourselves, repent from pride, and pursue a humble submission to the Lord in all we think, say, and do.


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