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Psalm 139:5

Psalm 139:5…”You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me.” As though we were caught in an ambush, or threatened by an army which has us completely boxed in, we are surrounded by the Lord. God has set us where we are and protects our every move. Behind us there is God recording our sins, or in grace (through repentance and faith in Christ) blotting out the remembrance of them. Before us there is God foreknowing all our deeds, and providing for all our wants. We cannot turn back and escape him, for he is behind, and we cannot go forward and outmarch him, for he is before. This should bring the believer great comfort, but is terrifying to those outside of Christ. He is perfectly holy and perfectly just, and we all desperately need the blood of His perfect Son to be sprinkled on us in order to avoid His perfect wrath. He knows and hates our sins, but has in Christ graciously provided a rescue plan from His own wrath.


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