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Psalm 139:4

Psalm 139:4…”Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely.” The words we use matter, because God knows all of them. In fact, he knows what we’ll say before we speak. This verse is an amazing reflection on God’s sovereignty. We cannot fathom this kind of omniscience, so we need to not doubt this attribute of God, even if we don’t fully understand. Admitting that there is knowledge and truth outside of our own limited minds is an important step in believing the authority of scripture. Much doubt comes from our pride in thinking that something can only be true if we fully comprehend it. Absolute truth exists regardless of our opinions. When we doubt the authority of scripture, we misunderstand what God is like, which limits our spiritual growth.


2 responses to “Psalm 139:4

  1. I agree 100%!!! Praise HIM!!! There is so much to learn and understand yet so much more beyond re understanding!

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